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Senior Behavior Issues

As pets age, they can forget how to perform simple tasks, or they can have a medical problem that causes them to show aggression. Almost 50% of pet owners report that their senior animal shows an unwanted behavior. The vast majority of these signs can be managed or eliminated. The common signs are urinating/defecating in [...]

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Separation Anxiety

This type of anxiety is one of the most common presenting complaints to veterinarians. It effects 10-30% of the canine population and is more common in shelter dogs. Signs are typically restricted to when the owner is gone and includes vocalization, inappropriate soiling, diarrhea, vomiting, destructive behavior, and excessive salivation. Dogs can also become restless [...]

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Sarcoptes Mange

This type of mange is extremely contagious between dogs. It is the mange most people picture when the think of a “mangy dog”. Dogs of any age can contract Sarcoptes, especially if they have been at a dog park, boarding facility, or shelter. Most pets with Sarcoptes are extremely itchy. They will develop hair loss, [...]

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