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Feline Rhinotracheitis

This disease primarily involves upper respiratory problems in cats. The virus is a component of the FVRCP vaccination given to kittens and adult cats. This disease is caused by the feline herpesvirus. It is spread either by cat-to-cat contact or by airborne means. There is an acute onset of sneezing, conjunctivitis, and fever. Some pets [...]

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Feline Heartworms

Cats can get heartworms just like dogs can. The disease is not as common but can cause severe disease. It also only takes a very small number of worms to cause clinical signs. Mosquitoes carry the microscopic heartworm in their saliva and will transmit it to cats and dogs through a bite. The worms then [...]

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Feline Calicivirus

This is a very common upper respiratory virus that is quite contagious. It affects the respiratory system, the eyes, the mouth, and occasionally the joints. An airborne virus is the causative agent. Cats contract this virus from being outside and mingling with other cats. It is also possible for cats to pick up the virus [...]

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False Pregnancy

This syndrome occurs 2-3 months after an intact female goes through heat. She will have symptoms of being pregnant whether or not she mated. The cause is strictly hormonal, and deals with the drop in progesterone. Previous pregnancy does not influence future incidences of false pregnancy. This syndrome can occur in females that have never [...]

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